About a year and a half ago, I was meandering through the Minneapolis Library bookstore and became so enamored in my perusing, I simply lost the time and found myself late for something…. in my haste I picked up a book, labeled “that man is you” by Louis Evely… I read the brief description on the back and, as it was priced at a meager $1, decided to purchase it on a whim…

And it turned out to be one of my finest whims… I’ve picked it up from time to time over those past 1 and a 1/2 years… usually at my deepest points of confusion and despair and found that simple, biblical and sometimes heart scathing truths were laid out in a way I’ve seldom found… it’s written by a priest whose intimacy with Christ is far more honest and precious than I can convey so I’m just going to give you some excerpts… and hope you may just take the time to read it as well…

Deep down, each of us is violently opposed to the divine. With all our might we reject this God who dares differ so outrageously from the notion we’d formed of Him. Still stronger and more startling than John’s indictment are Jesus’ words to Philip on the eve of His Passion. After three years of public life, manifesting Himself each day, teaching at every moment and living in their midst, He was obliged to upbraid one of those He’d shared His whole adventure with. “Philip, I’ve been with you so long and you don’t know me yet!”

After twenty centuries is there one of us He couldn’t say the same thing to? “It’s been such a long time…. and still you don’t know Me. You haven’t yet understood that I’m hungry and thirsty and poor; that I was where you found nothing to honor or admire, nothing to fear or reverence; that I was precisely where you felt so sure I couldn’t be.

After two thousand years of public life, the presence of God is still a hidden one; and it always will be. Only when we give up fashioning Him in our image and seeking Him where we think He should be- only then will we perceive it. God’s most insistent call to us will always seem a sort of silence, since His language isn’t what we expeact. Only when we love Him enough to prefer His ways to ours, His language and His will- only then will we discover Him.

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All those who’ve met Jesus professed some kind of religion; they all believed in the God they’d been told about. But those who’ve followed Jesus have had to reject the ideas they so laboriously acquired and replace them by His very own different ideas. The most painful conversion of all is the one each of us has to effect at the very heart of his religion.

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An old woman who’d read Renan’s Vie de Jesus and many other “brevaries of skepticism” declared “I simply can’t believe Christ is God. If He were, He’d have given me some proof, for I’ve wanted so sincerely to believe in Him!” She hadn’t wanted to believe at all, she’d wanted to know, to discover some fact that’d satisfy her intellect

But there is no room for mere intellect.God’s truth isn’t something purely rational. When we love somebody, a thousand arguments don’t make one proof, nor do a thousand objections make one doubt.” God doesn’t force Himself on anyone. He loves and then He waits for our answer. The only ones who feel His presence are those who accept that way of doing things, those values, those “proofs”-those inexplicable proofs- for God can be grasped by the heart, not by reason.”

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