*I FINALLY have internet in my apartment, and was unable to post anything sooner so the following was actually written 2 nights ago after having been in SK for a couple of days….

Tuesday, 10:07 pm, August 25th, 2009

South Korea is a wonderland of lights and cutesy kitsch. And thanks to my lovely 7th floor window I discovered what I am now secretly calling the “machine beetle.” It has a proper name, which I unfortunately promptly forgot upon asking my fellow employee. But the proper name starts with an “m” so .25 points for me in a game that does not and hopefully never will exist.

Anyhoo- the machine beetle is this large and creepy black beetlesque looking insect that hums in a machine like tone. And it is LOUD.  I discovered it when I was unpacking my suitcases Monday morning in my lovely new apartment.  Mid arranging I heard what I originally assumed to be a sound emanating from my computer as it had a distinct metallic, “I am malfunctioning, I scoff in the general direction of your wallet” buzzing sound. Upon placing my ear closer to the computer I realized it was not the culprit (good boy) and went on to check all other appliances without success.

I thought, “perhaps there are workmen outside” and it was then, in an attempt to view a glimpse of what I assumed to be man made sound, I discovered the machine beetle. I wish I could have recorded the sound for you because there really is no way to accurately convey it without some sort of demonstration. Alas, perhaps you can google it once I find the proper term.

I tried to snap a picture to display here but apparently machine beetles are shy of machines (go figure) because the instant I pulled the camera out he flew away. And it was today that I found out they congregate in the park I walk through to get to work  (as the sound is quite distinct and impossible to ignore) and was informed by my coworker they are a common insect in Korea. But they do not bite, which is great news as if you’d seen them you’d realize why that was my second question.

Another discovery on my list of delightful things is banana milk. Apparently they  have many flavors of milk over here, including coffee (insert wrinkled nose here). While the coffee idea does not give me the warm fuzzies, I did have the banana milk and enjoyed it immensely! My coworker, Amy, is also Korean and she had me for lunch today and gave me the banana milk. I have now added banana milk to my list of staple groceries. ☺

There is an abundance of things to say but as this post is already quite long, I’ll save the rest for another time.  I also am ready to fall asleep on the keyboard, due to evil, sadistic jet lag, and the imprint of a keyboard on my face would definitely hinder the “come hither” looks I like to send out now and then.  I used to believe jet lag was a myth but I think it is now trying to get back at me by sneering double hard in my direction and putting a spell of exhaustion on me at the most inopportune and random times. It doesn’t help that tyrannical airplane builders make the start of jet lag most joyous by employing their sadistic architecture for the “economy passengers” and creating seats that were apparently built for toddlers with no legs.

Okay I think I said I was going one paragraph ago. I’m really going now… I promise the next post will be less about beetles and more about what I’m actually doing/the people I’ve met…  Goodnight, Good afternoon or Brunch or morning or whatever time it is in the part of the world you are reading this from… 😉