I’ve been realizing I ought to try and take more pictures. Sometimes when I’m out walking I find myself wishing my eyes were little cameras and with one blink would start recording the things I see. There’s just too much to take in. My normal walk to work is no longer a “normal” walk to work in that I’m not still not used to the sights and sounds and smells. Every day I see something that makes me chuckle or want to whip out my teensy notebook expressly meant to jot down things I’d like to remember.

I suppose I could whip my camera out more but I feel like such a dork taking pictures all the time and as my camera is obviously common I can’t pull off the “I’m a photographer and these shoots are clearly for my flickr account so scootch over you’re ruining my scene” look.

And while I’m honestly thrilled about being in another country, I find myself really missing people back home and wishing I could share my experiences with them. I always had this hunch that the most beautiful parts of life are not necessarily the scenes you see or events you attend and instead are the people you see/attend them with. And now I’m even more convinced of that.

It’s weird this feeling of truly enjoying my surroundings while also truly missing people at the same time. I’ve always loathed (and sometimes ranted) about that expression “you can’t have your cake and eat it too,” but I guess that might fit in this instance. (Although I still say the expression itself is completely ludicrous. Cakes are meant for eating so in that respect you CAN have your cake and eat it too!)

All this to say I’m going to make a better effort to take pictures and put at least a few up with my posts from now on. Even though I can’t have you (the people I love and enjoy) here with me, and I am no longer there to force you to smell the latest tea I’ve discovered, or give you copies of a book I think you really need to read (ha) I CAN still take pictures and write mini stories and relentlessly e-mail you in an attempt to make you look at and read them. 😉

Miss you all… a lot.