It’s been three months and I still feel like an “observer” rather than someone who’s actually living here. Some things are “familiar” in that I know which aisle the yogurt is at in E-mart, though i still can’t read what the majority of them say. I also know where some of my favorite restaurants are but have still only tried 15% of the dishes served in those restaurants due to every single item being completely new to me and my ability to only eat one at a time. 😉

I take the same path to work, sometimes changing a few streets to “spice it up” now and then but EVERY SINGLE TIME I see something new… no matter how often I’ve walked the same path.

I’m starting to understand some of the why’s and what’s and how’s of various customs and traditions but am still very much aware that despite this knowledge I’m not really a “part” of it all.

It’s a strange, strange thing. I’m “in” this new world but almost feel like I’m not really “in” so much as I’m walking around on top of it… as though South Korea were inside of one of those glass shaking globes… and I’m turning it round and round, peering at the sights, shaking it up and down to see what else I’ve missed.

But I’m already very much in love with some of the people and things here. One of the most surprising discoveries I’ve made here is how much the people love to laugh and have fun. Everything is colorful, bright, exciting, adventurous.

When it comes to fashion especially, everything and anything goes. I’ve had boys come to class wearing bright pink pants.  I laugh almost every day because there is almost always something to laugh about.  And as cliche as this may sound the kids are definitely doing a number on my heart.

And now for some photos…

We went to a restaurant that serves a massive amount of food by rolling an entire table full of it to the empty table you sit at, and then sliding that table on top of your empty table.

poor little dead sea creature… 😉

almost everytime i see any signs in English, they have a typo of this sort… and it always makes me laugh… this particular typo is just perfect.

this is from the wall inside one of my favorite coffee shops (Minto). the atmosphere of this place is beyond amazing and this wall is just one of many.

found this sign in the subway- it definitely made me laugh. Smoke SOS! “Oh honey I’m so glad we bought those phantom of the opera masks for our Smoke SOS situations. They’re soooo much trendier!”

my students ALWAYS carry these crazy and imaginative pencil cases (and must each have a huge assortment as they usually have a new one each day).  Peter brought this one Monday. Notice the english phrase at the bottom? 😉

one of my students (Angel) who recently attained her black belt and decided to wear her uniform to school. She gave me a demonstration at which point I quickly discovered she could totally take me… anytime.

the subway is full of these cartoon signs depicting what you should and should not do whilst riding the subway. they crack me up. i’m not sure what exactly this particular guy is doing “wrong” but he does look like he’s saluting and has a mean face. they also always give the person doing the “wrong” thing a pig nose… haha…

I decided to make my own tree by painting 6 separate trees, gluing them to my wall in “tree” formation and adding some painted decorations. I then picked up some lights at the store and plugged them in to discover they also blink (and then clapped my hands in delight.). My room now looks very “christmasy.” 😉

The End- until next time.