Once upon a time…long ago… in a magical land called NCU, I decided to pull a prank on a friend, which ended disastrously, as all my pranks do. And as an “apology” for that prank I decided to create the weirdest comic ever… out of my PC notepad application

I’d actually forgotten about it but have recently been rummaging through my old xanga on the hunt for some previous writing for a project and happened to find this “what the hell?” moment.

Yes, Yes, I had a xanga, for about two (ish) years in college. But then, so did those fabulous and intellectual gurus Christopher Fletcher and Josiah Norton, and talented photographer/creative crazy man Simon McConico (who the “apology comic” was actually created for). So take that modern bloggers who sniff with disdain at the “has been” that is xanga.

Due to being technologically impaired (which hasn’t changed) the comic basically consists of drawings done solely by mouse, with dashes of painting and typed captions scattered here and there. I thought I’d share it out of nostalgia and just for a silly laugh- as it really is the epitome of the word silly… and just plain odd.

Here’s a segment to “whet your appetite.”

And if you want to read the rest you’ll have to click here. Enjoy! šŸ˜‰