*I should preface this “about me” section by stating I am currently in South Korea until June 2011, teaching English and exploring as much as possible. After that… I really don’t know what is next, and that’s exactly how I like it 😉

The only concrete things I know about myself  (beyond that I am 26 and my full name is Summer Lee Carlson) are those mundane and sometimes quirky details one is either born with or develops… like the fact that I absolutely detest coffee, (or at least I did for the entire 25 years of my life prior to arriving in South Korea, but now drink the sordid stuff on a regular basis, case in point),  will go out of my way to crunch any leaves spotted on my walking path, love listening to old radio shows like  “The Shadow” and “Red Skelton” and “Candy Matson,” literally cry while watching musicals (the old Gene Kelly, Judy Garland kind) because I can’t handle how happy they make me, and find inexplicable contentment in watching steam rise from a cup of tea or smoke curling out of a candle. And I love swords, pirates and Latin.

I also greatly admire (and am terribly bothered by the realization that I will probably never come close to emulating) John Steinbeck and Lewis Carroll.

This admiration/desire for emulation of the aforementioned Carroll and Steinback also extends to Keith Green …with a hint of Anne of Green Gables and Christy Huddleston thrown in…

And my biggest crush in literature has always been Jim Hawkins.

I’d love to tell you more about who I actually am, but that changes so often I’d end up having to re-write this section each week, and I’d rather write about (and am sure you’d rather read about) other things 😉 …  The End…


One Response to “A Little More than Brief Summary of Myself…”

  1. matthew wagner Says:

    I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!

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