One of the first things I noticed upon arriving here was how suspiciously familiar the coffee shop next to my work place looked. The color, logo, layout… they all looked exactly like a certain ubiquitous coffee shop I’d left behind in Minnesota.

And that’s how I met Starbuck’s South Korean brother… Tom & Tom’s. Actual Starbucks exist here as well but I guess sibling rivalry is not as strong in Korea because Starbucks is letting Tom & Tom’s co-exist with him here. Maybe someday he’ll let him move to the US as well but that’s doubtful. 😉

And in other news I’ve uploaded more pictures to good old facebook, which is available to public viewing (regardless of whether you have a facebook account)  here:

And I’ve uploaded an additional album dedicated to the plethora of trendy, odd pencil cases I see everyday.  I’ve included one picture below. If you’d like to see the rest you can do so here (again, public viewing so even if you don’t have facebook you’ll be able to see them): Enjoy!